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Woman connecting her hearing aids to her smart home.

You might remember the phrase “world of tomorrow,” which was used to describe the dazzling future that technology was envisioned to bring to society. A technology “golden age” is here now and that includes modern hearing aids.

Having the ability to connect to your computer, smartphone, or TV is something that many modern hearing aid designs come with. This will put the sound of these devices directly in your ears so people around you will feel more comfortable and won’t need to ask you to turn down the volume.

While these technological features are ideal for entertainment purposes, some hearing aid wearers find the features too complicated and frequently don’t activate them. However, this could end up being a costly mistake.

Create Another Layer of Security With Enhanced Connectivity

According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, a significant number of people aged 50 or older are unable to hear their smoke alarms. Are you able to hear your smoke alarm from any room in the house?? This can at times be a challenge even with a hearing aid. The good news is, new technology is presently minimizing this life-threatening risk.

Every year, new devices are developed and released to the public. Smart home systems often come with smoke detectors that can connect to modern hearing aids. This means you’ll be able to hear the alarm wherever you are in your house. It works in essentially exactly like streaming your phone to any other smart technology. The only difference is when you connect your hearing aids to your fire alarms, it could save your life.

Smart Home Doorbells Can Stream to Hearing Aids

In addition to enhancing safety, there is excellent entertainment value in connecting your hearing aid to numerous devices in your house, but the current movement in smart home technology is at your front door. Wi-fi synced doorbells have become prevalent among homeowners. The advantage of these doorbells is that they offer video and audio capabilities.

That’s one more device in your smart home that your hearing aid can connect to and that’s good news. Not sure who’s at the door? A Wi-fi doorbell would send audio straight to your hearing aid so you would see who’s at the door immediately.

Why is it Important to Ensure That You Get it Set up?

It takes time to set these functions up to work with your hearing aid, and that deters many people from utilizing them. But if you want a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable life, you need to understand that connecting your hearing aid to your smart home can help you have it.

The best part? We can show you how to use these functions when you purchase your hearing aid. Even if you’re still not sure after you get home, the internet is a great resource for set-up help.

In short, if you’ve bought a new hearing aid with wi-fi capabilities, you’re missing out if you don’t set them up.

When to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Older hearing aid designs are missing a number of connectivity possibilities. Additionally, there are many technical enhancements that are made every year to improve the all-around audio quality of hearing aids. Improve your hearing and quality of life by setting up an appointment with us to discuss a hearing aid upgrade.

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